Sunday, July 24, 2016

End Note ~ July 23 2016 ~ One Year Later

I have enjoyed this blog and this entire project. I only missed 2 days of posting, and posted immediately yhe next day. I did not think I could really do it, but I did. I got bogged down in the 200's, feeling like it would never end, but when it got into the later 300's, I got excited again and tried harder to look for special rocks.
I started to put more rocks in my house (not included in the project) and learned about rocks from other people. I found that there were people on the internet who enjoyed my rock a day posts.
My intention was to put together a photo book of the rocks -- not sure if that will happen now -- doing the project was satisfying as it is, and I am thrilled to have done it.
Here is a photo of me with all 365 rocks and then a little chorus of hurrah rocks as well.

All in all,  a fun time! Thank you for your audience time!

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