Monday, August 31, 2015

Rock 40 ~ Heart Rock ~ August 31 2015

Today was a day for a heart rock for sure. Lots of opportunities came my way to share some heart in unexpected ways, which is always rewarding.

This dear little plain rock stared up from a pile of ordinary landscape rocks lining a sidewalk. It gives me great pleasure to share my heart rock today.

Rock is approximately 1 1/4 inches and rather light today.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rock 39: Sock HEEL Rock ~ Salinas CA ~ August 30, 2015

I fouund this darling rock in Salinas, Ca, and call it a "sock heel" rock to match the sock toe one I posted awhile ago. You know by now I love to find rocks with lines of contrasting color runninng through them. 
This rock is approx 1 3/4" longest distance. It is also much lighter gray than in the photos. But I will work on my color photography soon....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rock 38: Painted Creature Rock ~ Pacific Grove, CA ~ Augist 29 2015

I went to an estate sale this morning that had a lot of fine art and not-so-fine art. There was a box of hand-painted rocks that had a quasi-ocean creature theme to them. 
The one I selected for today's rock amuses me : is it an Octopus? A jellyfish? A ghost?

Painted in blue and cream tones; measures approx 2 1/4" tall; cost: free with purchase.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rock 37 Tower Rock ~ Pebble Beach CA August 28, 2015

I visited Pebble Beach beaches today....found lots of rock stacks there people had made:

So I found a small rock and added it on top:

Here is the stack before my addition:

Here is the stack with my addition:

So here is my rock for the day:

I had fun with rocks today!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rock 36: Speckled Rock ~ August 27, 2015: Salinas, CA

A normal rock that is very speckled caught my attention on my walk this evening. It was on a city street planted area that had a bunch of rocks. This was the only speckled one. Measures approx 2 3/8" longest distance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rock 35: Be-pebbled Rock ~ Cambria CA August 26, 2015

Lots of whales today at the bluffs...and, a couple of them were in close enough to see large bodies. What a treat.

Another treat is this rock I found today at the shore! It has tiny pebbles wedged into a crack running along the front of it! I am thrilled.

 Approximately 14 pebbles in a crack that measures approx 
3 3/4" around front to edges of back.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rock 34: Holey Rock ~ August 25 2015, Cambria CA

I saw a stand of gorgeous rocks today in the middle of the field at the Preserve. I photographed them (below) but of course I did not disturb them - being a preserve, and they had a look about them that commanded respect. Then I went to the shore and found one of my favorite rock styles (above): the ones that have holes in them. Have you ever seen them with the shelled creatures still in the hole? I have. 
Anyway, today's rock measures approx 4" long and the largest hole is approx 3/4" diameter.

Rocks I did not take but wanted to photograph:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Rock 33: Butterscotch Beauty ~ Cambria CA August 24, 2015

Often when I have guests, they like to help me find my rock for the day. Christine found this small stone today and I decided it was indeed the one I wanted to write about. She called it a "butterscotch" rock, and I agree:

It is smooth, has tidy white layer lines, and is smaller than a U.S. Quarter.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rock 32: Sitting Rock ~ August 23 2015 Cambria CA

I worked in the studio all day, so was delighted to find this wonderful rock in my own studio yard. It has a flat bottom! It appears to be sitting for a portrait. We'll see.

Weighs a lot. Quite large.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rock 31: Snow-Capped Rock ~ Cayucos CA August 22 2015

I found this rock yesterday, I confess. But I wanted to post it for today, so I just managed to re-find it on my desk so it could be today's selection.....
It is a beautiful layered rock: clear icy top layer on a thinner layer of almost pure black. It looks like a mini-mountain ccovered with snow. 
It measures approx 3/4" across and is approx 1/2" tall. 
This is one of may favorite finds.

Friday, August 21, 2015

ROCK 30 ~ Mishmash Rock ~ August 21 2015, Cayucos CA

I followed a trail down to the rocky coast just north of Cayucos town proper. This was a trail I have wanted to take for awhile, and today I couuld not resist going. I was not disappointed! There were so many various kinds of rocks, that I had a hard time choosing! I found clean bird bones ( a nice little skull, so fragile and detailed), feathers, seaweeds and - of course - rocks. There was a field-full of white egrets on top of the bluffs. I was happy looking around and enjoying the ocean's handiwork on the elements.

I selected this rock because it was dazzling with its mishmash of elements. It even sparkles. It is quite heavy - almost 2 pounds -- and is approx 5" longest measurement. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rock 29: Cliff Rock ~ August 20 2015, Cambria CA

This evening I found my favorite bench empty and sat and watched the ocean for a long time. I saw a lot of pelicans nearby, seeming to come from just below the bluff, so I wandered to the edge and saw a path down to the rocks below.
This rock is part of the rough emery board-like rock that is under the bluffs. It seems it can be crumbly, but some of it is hardened, as is the rock piece I found today. Here it is with its parent cliff, which had formed a cubby large enough so I could sit there for awhile to watch the ocean again.

I like the texture and the color of this selection today. I am always happy to find striation in a rock as well. I want to learn more about the geological history that gives these rocks their layers. This rock is approx 1 7/8" at the diagonal and 
is very gritty. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rock 28 ~ Sandpaper Rock ~ Morro Bay CA, August 19 2015

I found another new place to explore today, and this time it wasn't even the search for a rock that led me there. It just looked like an inviting path to the ocean. I ended up in a parking lot where the signs indicated this was a reserve to protect the Snowy Plover bird. This really intrigued me, so I followed the path between the barrier to the dunes, whose posts held signage that children had written and illustrated, asking guests to respect the bird sanctuary.

I found this rock today outside of the protected area. It is important to me that you know this. I chose this rock because it is roundish (you know I like round), and its surface reminds me of speckled bird eggs. But it is also as rough as fine sandpaper, and this delights me!
Measures approx 4" circumference.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rock 27 ~ Tooth Rock ~ Baywood Park CA ~ Aug 18 2015

I like that rocks tell us stories about the earth's movements and formation. What heppened when this rock earned its layers?
This rock looks like it has 3 big front teeth. Measures approx 3 1/4" girth. Very sharp.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rock 26 ~ Slimy Rock ~ Cambria CA August 17 2015

I went down to the shoreline fromthe bluffs, onto rocks that were pitted with holes where I assume shelled animals had nestled at one time. Lots of pretty smooth stones were wedged in the cracks and crevices, but I could pry none out. Then I looked into a wet sandy area between the outcroppings and saw this beautiful green rock - (Monterey) Jade! I reached for it and it was very slippery. I rinsed it many times in the ocean waters, but it stayed slippery. I wiped it on my jeans ( which will mean a trip to the laundromat a few days early), and slipped it into my pocket for the walk back.

Besides its sheer beauty, I love that this rock fits perfectly into my palm and hand, like some sort of soft tool. It measures approx 4 inches across, and is smooth but not slippery now that it is dry.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock 25 ~ Coastal Splurge Rock ~ San Simeon CA August 16 2015

Again I find that my hunting for a rock each day takes me to new discoveries: I explored the campgrounds at San Simeon for possible future overnight. It was a lovely area and quite nice views both of the mountains behind the highway and the ocean in front of it.
I went up coast a few more miles, saw a herd of Zebras, and walked the beach. Very few people are walking on this coast on a Sunday in Summer. I had it fairly to myself. 
I wanted to find a rock that reminded me of the zebras. I also was very strongly drawn to the many large green rock outcroppings along the shoreline. 

The rock I selected is both green and has a white stripe. It is a splurge to get both of my initial hopes in one rock. I really like this rock.

It measures approx 1 3/4" longest points and is very sharp.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rock 25 ~ Skipper Rock ~ August 15 2015, Cambria CA

I often find beachfuls of rock piles like this in my wandering. I could spend hours looking through them and sorting and playing with them. I started stacking rocks many many years ago, but still do so upon occasion:

This was an easy pile ...smooth flat stones with just enough tooth to hold on.

Today's rock is a flat "skipper" stone. I chose it because a friend reminded me about them...about the perfect skipping stone. I look for very flat smooth ones to skip across the ocean wave's shallow skirt at the shore. A good 7 or so skips is the goal. 

This one is more oval than I would like, but it was the thinnest rock I could find today...and its oval perfection called to me. Here it is near the larger rocks that lined the shore. Of course I will not know if it indeed is a good skipper, because I didn't try it. I have to just imagine it skitteringly hopping across that clear blue stretch......6, 7, 8 times at least....

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rock 24: Mucky-muck Rock ~ Baywood Park CA August 14 ~ 2015

Today I went an alternate route from SLO to Cambria, via Los Osos Road or Hwy or whatever it is called....I ended up in Baywood, which is a suburb area of Los Osos. I have been here before and got lost among the streets that do not leave the town at all, but circulate around the whole place. It was a familiar maze, but I was frustrated at forgetting that I had gone farther than my turn off to get back to the coast. I stopped at a little bay area that had a pier which sadly led out to mud flats, as the bay was very low. 

There was a mother and a 2-ish year old walking along the mud flats where I was looking for my rock today. The toddler was filthy from playing (which looked like a lot of fun to me) and kept saying to his mother "mucky". 

I found two rocks that I like a lot. I often find more than one rock I like and have a hard time deciding which one to post. I posted the contenders on the internet and got some reponses, which I found very helpful....

So here is my selection for the day. It is a transparent greenish grayish and very sharp. It measures approx 1 1.2" long and is about 1/2" tall. It still has some "muck" on it despite my wiping it before allowing it into the car.....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rock 23: Perfect Stone ~ August 13 2015 ~ Cambria CA

I love this type of rock. I have collected them all my life, as far  back as I can remember. My Mother and her sisters collected them too....often placing them in a bowl on the table, in the garden around their wildflowers, or even in stone mosaics they all created in the 60's one summer. 
I now have bowls of them in my house. 
I am happy for these memories and also for selecting this one for today's post. Measures approx 2" at longest place.