Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock 25 ~ Coastal Splurge Rock ~ San Simeon CA August 16 2015

Again I find that my hunting for a rock each day takes me to new discoveries: I explored the campgrounds at San Simeon for possible future overnight. It was a lovely area and quite nice views both of the mountains behind the highway and the ocean in front of it.
I went up coast a few more miles, saw a herd of Zebras, and walked the beach. Very few people are walking on this coast on a Sunday in Summer. I had it fairly to myself. 
I wanted to find a rock that reminded me of the zebras. I also was very strongly drawn to the many large green rock outcroppings along the shoreline. 

The rock I selected is both green and has a white stripe. It is a splurge to get both of my initial hopes in one rock. I really like this rock.

It measures approx 1 3/4" longest points and is very sharp.

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