Friday, August 14, 2015

Rock 24: Mucky-muck Rock ~ Baywood Park CA August 14 ~ 2015

Today I went an alternate route from SLO to Cambria, via Los Osos Road or Hwy or whatever it is called....I ended up in Baywood, which is a suburb area of Los Osos. I have been here before and got lost among the streets that do not leave the town at all, but circulate around the whole place. It was a familiar maze, but I was frustrated at forgetting that I had gone farther than my turn off to get back to the coast. I stopped at a little bay area that had a pier which sadly led out to mud flats, as the bay was very low. 

There was a mother and a 2-ish year old walking along the mud flats where I was looking for my rock today. The toddler was filthy from playing (which looked like a lot of fun to me) and kept saying to his mother "mucky". 

I found two rocks that I like a lot. I often find more than one rock I like and have a hard time deciding which one to post. I posted the contenders on the internet and got some reponses, which I found very helpful....

So here is my selection for the day. It is a transparent greenish grayish and very sharp. It measures approx 1 1.2" long and is about 1/2" tall. It still has some "muck" on it despite my wiping it before allowing it into the car.....

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