Monday, August 3, 2015

Rock 14: Quarry Trail Rock ~ August 3 ~ Los Osos CA

This search for a rock a day encourages my "explorer" nature. Today I took a road that borders a beautiful view of the estuary in Los Osos, which is next to or part of  Morro Bay State Park. To one side I noticed a sign pointing toward the Quarry Trail, up a very rocky mountain. I had to grimace at the sign that warned not to hike when the area is wet (our drought makes that a non-issue). I was not dressed for the trail, having worn shorts and sandals for an earlier excursion into town, but did walk up a bit to snoop for future expeditions. Looks lovely, and cannot wait.

I found this rock that looks peachy in color and is very pitted. It measures approx 2 1/4" at widest, and I chose it because it is so different than the ones I have already chosen. And of course, I like it.

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