Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rock 25 ~ Skipper Rock ~ August 15 2015, Cambria CA

I often find beachfuls of rock piles like this in my wandering. I could spend hours looking through them and sorting and playing with them. I started stacking rocks many many years ago, but still do so upon occasion:

This was an easy pile ...smooth flat stones with just enough tooth to hold on.

Today's rock is a flat "skipper" stone. I chose it because a friend reminded me about them...about the perfect skipping stone. I look for very flat smooth ones to skip across the ocean wave's shallow skirt at the shore. A good 7 or so skips is the goal. 

This one is more oval than I would like, but it was the thinnest rock I could find today...and its oval perfection called to me. Here it is near the larger rocks that lined the shore. Of course I will not know if it indeed is a good skipper, because I didn't try it. I have to just imagine it skitteringly hopping across that clear blue stretch......6, 7, 8 times at least....

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