Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rock 28 ~ Sandpaper Rock ~ Morro Bay CA, August 19 2015

I found another new place to explore today, and this time it wasn't even the search for a rock that led me there. It just looked like an inviting path to the ocean. I ended up in a parking lot where the signs indicated this was a reserve to protect the Snowy Plover bird. This really intrigued me, so I followed the path between the barrier to the dunes, whose posts held signage that children had written and illustrated, asking guests to respect the bird sanctuary.

I found this rock today outside of the protected area. It is important to me that you know this. I chose this rock because it is roundish (you know I like round), and its surface reminds me of speckled bird eggs. But it is also as rough as fine sandpaper, and this delights me!
Measures approx 4" circumference.

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