Monday, August 17, 2015

Rock 26 ~ Slimy Rock ~ Cambria CA August 17 2015

I went down to the shoreline fromthe bluffs, onto rocks that were pitted with holes where I assume shelled animals had nestled at one time. Lots of pretty smooth stones were wedged in the cracks and crevices, but I could pry none out. Then I looked into a wet sandy area between the outcroppings and saw this beautiful green rock - (Monterey) Jade! I reached for it and it was very slippery. I rinsed it many times in the ocean waters, but it stayed slippery. I wiped it on my jeans ( which will mean a trip to the laundromat a few days early), and slipped it into my pocket for the walk back.

Besides its sheer beauty, I love that this rock fits perfectly into my palm and hand, like some sort of soft tool. It measures approx 4 inches across, and is smooth but not slippery now that it is dry.

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