Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rock 21 : Harmony Rock ~ August 11 2015 ~ Harmony, Ca

Harmony is one of my favorite towns. Population is a whopping 18. It is located on Hwy 1 between Morro Bay and Cambria. There are 2 shops (both are artisan shops) there and a post office and a soon-to-be restaurant. (There is a very roomy and clean restroom as well...). I like to stop in to see what is new in the art shops there -- the pottery place and the glass place. Today was the first time I have seen the courtyard redone -- it is more updated and has lost the funky/earthy touch it had before, but it is still a lovely area -just different. I would not have thought anything other than "fun" if I had not seen the earlier version. 

I remember when this town was for sale. A friend wanted a bunch of his freinds to get together to buy it. 

I saw this deep sienna red colored rock along the road there and selected it for today's post...mainly because I didn't have a red rock with white lines like this yet, but also because how could I not have Harmony represented in this 365 project?

Measures approx 15/8" long and is very smooth. I tend to like the smooth stones.

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