Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rock 71 ~ Spit-shine Rock ~ October 1 2015 ~ Cambria CA

I have been asked where I keep the rocks I am collecting. I line them up in my hallway and stack them as much as possible...sometimes re-arranging the stacking. I do not keep them in any order, other than stackable:

I received a poem inspired by my hallway rock collection.  The author asked to remain anonymous. I love it and Ihope you enjoy it too:

At night...
Silent whistling winds tremble the collection in the hall. 
Slumbering stones stir. 

Smaller's tipping amid the dance, as to fall. 
The motherbrother biggers are having none of it!!
Babies remain riding come morning light, still and quiet after last night's raucous ride.

Today's selection is a polished black rock I picked up...surely machine polished. It is beautiful with it's spit-shine. 
Measures approximately 2".

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