Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rock 50 ~ Wham Rock ~ September 10 2015 ~ Cambria CA

Today I had quite a rock-hunting adventure. I found a beach that had areas of beautiful stones of all colors, so I gathered a number of them and piled them on the sand for a photo:

Well, as if that was not enough, I found rock photo op's everywhere. Here is one of my favorites:

Then I decided to photograph the wet rocks where the waves had been washing onto the shore. The tide was very strong, so I kept missing the shot, and got a lot of foam photos.

 I became so involved in trying to  capture the wet stones, that I forgot the first rule of beachcombing: NEVER turn your back on the ocean....and in this case, I was not watching the waves that were coming in so powerfully. 

And I got swept off my feet WHAM!

It is kind of like texting and driving: don't. I knew better but I got distracted and althoghthe coolwater was mighty refreshing today, I came away with some cuts and bruises from the beating I got in the tide. I am lucky that is all I got.

So here is my selection for today. Out of all the ones I brought home, I love this one for its subtle changes in color:

Measures approx 1.5" and has neither cuts nor bruises.

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