Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rock 60 ~ Cove Rock ~ September 20 2015, Cambria CA

Another hot day in this fair town drove me to the ocean shore again to seek cool. I found a very small cove by Moonstone, that was partially shaded by the ancient pines holding on to the rocky bluff. The sand there is very black and gritty. I was able to let the surf wash over my feet and it was nice and cooler as I sat in the shade. I was alone in the cove except for the half a dead fish skull and the little ground squirrel above on the bluff burying or digging all while keeping an eye on me.

Today's selection is from this cove. It is no wonder this rock is gritty as well. it has a suubtle line of ridges that indicate a leveling wearing away. I like this rock. I am pleased to present it to you today. Measures approximately 2 1/2", and is the exact shape of the cove where I found it.

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